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Mendenhall Plumbing of Etna, CA has been in business since 1980 serving clients in the Siskiyou County Area. So whether you need residential or commercial plumbing, let Mendenhall Plumbing be your one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing needs.

Outstanding service

You won't have to settle for poor customer service at Mendenhall Plumbing. You'll enjoy the honesty and integrity you can only get from a family-owned and operated business. Plus, we also offer competitive rates!


Mendenhall Plumbing is also licensed and insured in the state of California for your protection and comfort.

Find a full-service plumber

What does full-service plumbing mean to you? For Mendenhall Plumbing, it means handling your whole plumbing project from initial sale to final installation, including ongoing service and repairs.


Mendenhall Plumbing stands behind your project, whether it's a residential or commercial job. So call today and make your appointment!

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